Questions we should ask

Questions To Ask Your Employees

Here are 7 questions that you should ask your team each month:

  1. What’s one thing you did this month that you’re proud of?

    We often forget to take time to pat ourselves on the back for a job well done, but by asking employees this question once a month, you’ll help build that sense of pride.

    Employees need to feel like they’re making progress, that helps them stay engaged.

    This questions is good for two reasons:

    • Employees get to show off their work
    • You get to see what employees consider important
    How This Question Improves Employee Performance:
    Allowing employees to celebrate the “small wins” will make them more motivated going forward.

  2. If you were the CEO, what’s one thing you would do differently?

    Managers want their employees to feel and act like owners of the company, and this question is a great way to give them that sense of ownership.

    You’re also likely to get some amazing ideas from employees, because it gives them the opportunity to imagine if they were in control.

    How This Question Improves Employee Performance:
    Asking this question frequently reminds employees that you value their opinions.
  3.  How can I be a better leader?

    If you’re a smart leader, then you’re constantly looking to grow and improve.

    It’s especially important with this question to remind employees that they can feel free to say whatever they want.

    As a manager, be willing to accept whatever feedback comes from your employees.

    How This Question Improves Employee Performance:
    A manager that is constantly looking to be a better leader for their employees will make employees happier.

  4. What’s your biggest challenge right now?

    Everyone faces challenges at work.

    Managers need to act like coaches and be there to guide their employees through whatever they’re going through.

    Consistently asking this question will help employees grow and become better at what they do.

    How This Question Improves Employee Performance:
    Showing employees that you’re there to help them with their challenges will make them feel more comfortable.

  5. What can we do to make you more successful?

    Personal growth is by far the biggest driver of employee engagement.

    Asking employees every month how you can make them better is a great way to make sure employees are always improving and becoming more productive.

    Every good manager knows it’s the people under them that are responsible for the company’s success, by shifting the focus to how the company can make employees more successful, the team will be more productive.

    How This Question Improves Employee Performance:
    Simply telling employees that you’re there for them is often enough to get them to be more motivated.

  6. What’s one thing we should do to improve our product/service?

    Like I mentioned earlier, your best source of innovation will be from front-line employees.

    Make sure that you are frequently asking them how the company can be better. It’s important to ask this question over and over again because the market changes so often.

    How This Question Improves Employee Performance:
    Including employees in the conversation makes them feel more connected to the company and gets them more motivated.
  7. Are there any projects you’d really like to work on if you were given the opportunity?

    For employees to be truly motivated at work, they need to be working on projects they they’re passionate about.

    Employees often change roles in companies as they continue to discover themselves. Help them discover their passions by asking this question frequently.

    How This Question Improves Employee Performance:
    Letting employees explore their true passions will get them excited about coming to work each day.

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