The impact of reading for pleasure

We know from the children that they often do not read at home very often – or even at all.

Within school we have embraced Pie Corbet’s stories and have used them over the last two terms to develop a ‘bank’ of stories and story language. David Didau has been looking at the impact of reading on children’s grades.

The evidence speaks for itself, so if you are not reading a challenging text to the children each day to whet their appetite, read the following and think again.

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 08.53.11

Nagy & Harman’s 1987 paper says:

If students were to spend 25 minutes every day reading at a ateof 200 words per minute for 200 days out of a year, they would read a million words of text annually. According to our estimates, with this amount of reading, children will encounter between 15,000 and 30,000 unfamiliar words. If 1 in 20 of these words is learned, the yearly gain in vocabularly will be between 750- 1,500 words, or between quarter and a half of an average child’s annual vocabularly growth. (p.26)

Read the full article to find out what David suggests and how it can be implemented.


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