Some people on Twitter you may not currently follow but definitely should

Following my presentation at #TTM15 find below who David Didau suggests you need to follow.

Gareth Alcott @GalcottGareth – super enthusiastic cheerleader for the College of Teaching and an all round good egg.

Greg Ashman @greg_ashman – Australian based science teacher and edu-blogger.

Jon Brunskill @jon_brunskill – Another boy genius. And a primary teacher! I know, right?

Jules Daulby @JulesDaulby – If everyone who disagreed with me was a lovely as Jules the world would be a happier place.

Pedro De Bruykere @thebandb – Regularly blogs 2 or 3 times a day. Shares ridiculous quantities of excellent research

Disappointed Idealist @DisIdealist – Of all the people on Twitter I disagree with, this guy’s the most interesting. He’s changed my mind on more than one topic.

Laura Ellener @EllenerLaura – An absolute joy to work with.

Toby French @mrhistoire – A rising star of the edu-blogging world – currently hitting excellent form.

Carl Hendrick @Carl_Hendrick – notorious edu-ligger and dastard

Sara Hjelm @sara_hjelm – Consistently lovely. Her presence in your timeline is “a blue sirocco blowing warm into my face”

I’m Sporticus @ImSporticus – probably the most interesting PE teacher in the world.

Eric Kalenze @erickalenze – The only American on the list. Has some very sensible ideas.

Mario Lopez @nastyoldmrpike – Asks awkward questions. Sometimes sends me cool ideas.

Jack Marwood @Jack_Marwood – Jack is to data what Bruce Willis is to dirty vests.

Ruth Powley @powley_r – A meta-blogger. If you could only read one education blog, you ought to make it Ruth’s.

Nick Rose @turnfordblog – The ‘angriest man in education’? or a cuddly uncle? Former para-psychologist turned psychology teacher.

Rachel Rossiter @rachelrossiter – Funny, wise and ginger.

Andrew Sabisky @andrewsabisky – To say Andrew is a clever chap is something of an understatement. My go-to-guy on behaviour genetics.

Summer Turner @ragazza_inglese – Writes a fine blog, always makes me think

Sam Twiselton @samtwiselton – Not many academics can drink me under the table. You’ve been warned.

Nick Wells @NSMWells – Equal parts thoughtful and slyly mischievous.


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